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General Introduction

Established in 1930, School of Physics is one of the oldest departments in Shandong University. It locates in the Central Campus of Shandong University in Jinan. Owing to the continuous efforts of the faculties and staffs of several generations, School of Physics has been developed into an important platform for research and education on physics in Chinaand has made great contributions to physics-related education and research programs in the country. Based on the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) by Thomson Reuters, Physics at SDU was ranked the top 1% (about 221st) globally. In addition,according to the assessments from Ministry of Education,China, in 2012, Physics was ranked 9th place among domestic universities in mainland ofChina. Physics also has entered the mainstream ranking systems. For example, physics discipline in Shandong University is ranked among the top 0.3% in ESI and 155thin the US News ranking, 7thout of domestic universities. In addition, according to the natural index which is released in 2016 for the first time, the annual growth rate of total weighted paper number reaches 48.8%, showing rapid development trend of the discipline in recent years.

Schoolof Physicshas 123 teaching and administrative staffs, among which 88 are faculty members. Each year, about 130 undergraduates and 100 postgraduates are enrolled. It runs 2 undergraduate programs, which are Physics and Applied Physics. The school confers PhD degrees in all sub-disciplines of Physics, including Condensed Matter Physics, Particle and Nuclear Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Theoretical Physics, Optics.


Founded in 1930, School of Physics is one of the oldest departments in Shandong University. Since its birth, Department of Physics has gone through several stages of growth and change, which are Department of Physics in National Qingdao University, Department of Physics in National Shandong University, Department of Physics in Shandong University, School of Physics and Microelectronics in Shandong University and the current School of Physics in Shandong University.

Many famous scientists, such as WANG Pu, WANG Ganchang, SHU Xingbei, DING Xilin, GUO Yicheng, WANG Chengrui and LEI Xiaolin, had taught and conducted research in our school. We are proud of our alumni. MA Zuguang, PENG Shige ,WANG Keming and SHI Guangyu the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science , JI Yunshi, the vice Minister of the P.R.C. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and JIANG Yuekai, the secretary of Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, all graduated from our school.

International Cooperation

The school has been devoting much attention to international collaborations and academic exchanges. We always encourage and provide opportunities for faculty and students to join academic exchange and study oversea. Each year, many famous scientists worldwide are invited to visit the school. So far, the school has built stable academic communication system and kept good partnership with some famous universities and institutes from Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, United States, Italy and so on. The international exchange and cooperation have enhanced the impact of Shandong University, both home and abroad.

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